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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to install anything on my computer?
A:  No, you don't have to install anything.  PayLock Generator is a simple stand-alone Windows application that sits directly on your desktop.  

Q:  I'm a newbie at this sort of thing.  Is PayLock Generator difficult to use?
A:  Not at all... PayLock Generator is very user-friendly.  Simply click on the icon and type, point and click!  That's it!

Q:  Can I save the Buy buttons I've created?
A:  Yes, you can save all of your Buy buttons after you've created them.  Name the files and save on your desktop or local hard drive.  

Q:  How do I make changes to my Buy buttons after I've saved them?
A:  Open PayLock Generator and recall the saved Buy button.  After selecting the saved Buy button all of your PayPal button information is instantly available on the PayLock Generator interface you can edit, etc.  

Q:  How effective is the encryption method PayLock Generator uses?
A:  The encryption is secure in stopping 99.97% of cyber-crooks that attempt to bypass your payment process.  Keep in mind, however, that no security is 100% bulletproof.  

Q:  Does PayLock Generator automatically encrypt the code?
A:  Once you've filled in all the form fields, there are two options.  You can generate straight HTML code by clicking on "Make Button" or encrypt it right away by choosing "Encrypt Code".   

Q:  What if I decide not to encrypt my PayPal source code?
A:  Anyone can simply view the source code of your page and see the 'return URL' (where the buyer would normally be taken after the PayPal purchase transaction).  That means they can go directly to your 'thank you' or 'download' page and take your product without paying.  

Q:  How do I place the new code in my web page?
A:  After generating the code click on 'copy' and then 'paste' the code on your web page where you want a PayPal button.  

Q:  How many buttons can I create?
A:  You can create as many buttons as you want.

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